Complex Safeguarding: Addressing the impact of domestic violence, 30th June 2017, Webinar – Recording now available to view

Hosted by Doncaster Children’s Services Trust and the London Borough of Newham with the Spring Consortium


In January we hosted a complex safeguarding event in Manchester in which 37 representatives from local authorities across England attended. Following the success of this event we would like to invite you to a webinar which will focus on the topic of domestic violence. The impact of domestic violence on children and young people is a complex issue which requires a multi-agency response and a significant breadth of knowledge and skills for workers to both identify and address.

This webinar will be an opportunity to hear Doncaster and Newham in conversation about their journeys in targeting domestic violence. They will highlight some of the strategic challenges faced and the need to establish the right local environment.

Who should dial in?

This webinar is for practitioners, Principal Social Workers, Heads of Service, police and multi-agency colleagues who undertake direct work within this complex area of practice.

The purpose of the webinar

• To learn from Doncaster and Newham’s experiences in establishing targeted interventions to address domestic violence through a whole family approach
• To learn about effective collaborative working practices between local authorities and their partners
• To learn about opportunities and barriers, and consider how these interventions can be implemented and used

Date, time & dial in details

A recording of the webinar is now available to view, please register and view the recording through the following link:
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Register your interest

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In the interest of fostering learning within the sector we would like to share your contact details with other attendees. Please let us know if you would prefer us not do so.