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Learning is critical to the programme. We want to learn about the innovations developed through the programme, how they work, and how changes in the system could enable them to spread.

We are committed to sharing what we learn with the sector.  We will be learning alongside all the funded innovations in real time, and creating opportunities for the sector to learn from and with them.  We will do this by facilitating learning networks around particular themes, holding learning events and producing learning reports.

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Learning programme materials

All of the materials from learning programme materials have been uploaded to this section of the website, including recordings of webinars.
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Round 1 Project Storyboards

Below are a set of storyboards for a selection of Round 1 projects illustrating some of the current work being carried out as part of the Innovation Programme.

Leeds City Council
London Borough of Islington
North Yorkshire County Council

Case studies

This is a collection of case studies to illustrate examples of innovation from within and beyond the sector. They are meant to provide inspirational innovation stories.  To find out what we’re looking for though the children’s social care innovation programme click here.

Reclaiming Social Work In Hackney, UK

Reclaiming Social Work (RSW) is an initiative that set out to achieve high quality social care for vulnerable children and families. Introduced in Hackney in 2008, it is a whole system change to the way in which statutory child and family social work is practiced and managed.

Achieving For Children – Richmond And Kingston (UK)

The boroughs of Richmond and Kingston have recently amalgamated their children’s services into a single shared organisation, called ‘Achieving for Children’ (AfC), which will offer greater capacity for safeguarding and looking after the most vulnerable children in both boroughs.

Its All About Me (IAAM) Adoption Bond (UK)

“It’s All About Me” (IAAM) is an innovative ten year scheme which aims to help these “harder to place” children to find permanent homes with therapeutically trained adoptive families.

Evolve YP, Staffordshire (UK) - Social Work Practice

Evolve YP, an employee-owned organisation, was established in 2009 by a group of former Staordshire County Council employees to deliver services for children and young people who are in care, or are leaving the care system.

Homebuilders Programme

Homebuilders is an intensive home and community-based programme which aims to prevent out-of-home placements of children.

The Life Programme

The Life Programme is a new initiative that aims to support and empower families in chronic crisis to develop their capabilities and build the lives they want to lead.

Restorative Approaches - Norfolk County Council (UK)

There is a disproportionate number of looked after children in the criminal justice system. According to the Department for Education, 24% of 15-18 year olds were looked after before entering custody.

UNI-FI, Derbyshire (UK) - Transforming Achievement And Life Chances Of Children In Care

There are approximately 65,000 children in care in the UK. These young people underachieve compared to their peers and are over-represented in worklessness, criminality and mental ill-health statistics as adults.

Care Planning, Newcastle (UK) - Social Prescribing

Social prescribing supports GPs to refer and encourage people to take up activities instead of, or alongside, their medical prescription. This could include going to the gym, joining a reading group, or taking up a hobby.

The Living Well Collaborative, Lambeth (UK) -

Reimagining commissioning in mental health

Formed in response to high levels of referrals and people stuck in secondary care, the Lambeth Living Well Collaborative is a group of service users, GPs, providers and commissioners dedicated to transforming Lambeth’s mental health care system.

Common Ground Comunity (USA)

Combining permanent housing, social care support and a mixed community to increase stability for homeless young people and adults

The Common Ground Community uses high-quality, aspirational buildings to house vulnerable homeless people and with low-income or ‘key’ workers as part of a mixed community.

Tyze (UK, USA AND CANADA) - Personal Support Network

Tyze is a social venture set up to accelerate the adoption of a network model of care. It creates private, secure, online networks around a specific care receiver, in order to strengthen relationships and address isolation during a time of need.


“Reserve grandparents” are typically older people who have retired from work, who have the time and energy to provide informal social care to children who are ill or whose parents are either unable to take off.


Short-term prison protocols facilitate short-term prisoners to re-integrate more successfully into the community, providing support prior to and following release.


Members of Elderplan health insurance earn ‘time dollars’ in exchange for the hours they give to helping other members to stay in their own homes.


The processes that are used across hospitals are rarely consciously designed – they emerge and evolve over time. Inefficient and unproductive processes can take sta away from patients, lengthen waiting times and hamper patient flow.


Emergency departments located outside major cities often lack the equipment or expertise to safely assess and treat acutely ill or injured children. This can lead to medication errors and a higher risk of serious injury and death.


Provide is an initiative to separate the commissioning and provider roles of the local NHS.