Family Group Conference, 26th January 2017

The event has now passed. You can read about the key highlights of the event here.

The Family Group Conference model has been used in a variety of different contexts -­ as a small service, services supported by a national FGC organisation and by large a local authority using it throughout its work. It has also been used in new areas of work for the UK with domestic violence as an example. The Innovation Programme would like to host this event to share mutual learnings on what is needed for successful and sustainable implementation and to consider what might help support its development in the future.

Who should attend?
This workshop is targeted to local authorities and their partners who either have substantial FGC services or are currently adopting or adapting the FGC model in their area. The participants will ideally be a combination of Managers of FGC services and a Social Work Manager responsible for fieldwork services dealing with FGCs.