Newsletter 6: January 2017

Targeted Funding Opportunity now open for Expressions of Interest

In November, the Department for Education announced a Targeted Funding Opportunity through the Innovation Programme to develop and test innovations focusing on the four policy areas highlighted in ‘Putting Children First’:

· Building on the recommendations of the Narey report on residential care, particularly piloting ‘Staying Close’ and regional commissioning of residential care;
· Testing the use of social investment to improve support for care leavers;
· Testing alternative delivery models for children’s social care; and
· Testing and developing understanding of targeted support to prevent children entering child protection systems.

The sector was invited to take part in problem analysis workshops in the last quarter of last year so that together we could further define the problems and opportunities in each of the areas. Since then policy briefs have been developed to outline the policy objectives the Department for Education is looking for projects to respond to in their applications for funding. The deadline for the EOIs is 31st January 2017, 3pm, please visit the Spring Consortium website for further details.

Funding for three new projects announced

Following the success of the first round of the Innovation programme, a second round was launched in April and July 2016, where the interest was considerable.

As part of this second round of the Innovation programme, we were delighted that the Secretary of State for Education was able to announce, at the NCAS conference in November, that PAUSE and Frontline would receive further funding from the programme to expand on the good work they are already doing and Calderdale to test a new approach to working with young people to prevent future pregnancies and repeat removals. More information can be found here

Take part in our learning activity

We are committed to share what we have learnt from the Innovation Programme and have found opportunities to do so. This is happening through events hosted and learning materials shared by the Innovation Programme and through representation in sector led events. Our aim is to create opportunities for the sector to connect, collaborate and discuss the key emerging themes and also to learn from each other through the discussions.

You may have bumped into us at NCAS and heard from Wave 1 projects at the Speakers Corner session or picked up a copy of our programme directory. If not you can access the latest learning materials from the programme here and find out more about the upcoming learning events and activity here. Our January events include:

· Complex Safeguarding – 20th January
· Whole Service Change Programmes – 25th January* by invitation only
· Family Group Conference – 26th January* by invitation only

Please refer to our website for more information on the events and how to register your interest.

In addition we expect all evaluations from round 1 to be published within the next six months. Please click here view the existing reports.


If you have any questions, or would like further information about the programme, visit our website: or email us at


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